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With its unparalleled entertainment options, Las Vegas has long been the ultimate playground for those seeking the thrill of the party scene.

But what if you want to keep the party going during the day?

Enter the world of Las Vegas dayclubs ?☀️

In our comprehensive guide, we explain what you need to do to pick the perfect dayclub for your Las Vegas experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned partygoer or a first-time visitor, our recommendations will ensure you have a great time.

Best dayclubs in Las Vegas: How to choose

So, there are 4 main things you NEED to remember when choosing a dayclub in Las Vegas.

Without these 4 crucial ingredients, your experience might suck. Or at least, it won’t be as good as it could be.

We say this as a Las Vegas tour company that has been in the party scene for over a decade.

These factors are absolutely essential to having a good time. If you keep these in mind, you’ll cover all the bases needed for success.

Let’s explore them below. ⬇️

Four crucial factors when choosing a dayclub in Las Vegas

1. Will you spend an appropriate amount of money?

This one is huge.

The last thing you want is to burn through your budget and leave the club feeling screwed over because things didn’t live up to your expectations.

Las Vegas venues are happy to charge you as much as you’re willing to spend, so establishing a budget that helps you avoid buyer’s regret is a must.

Always ask yourself and the members of your party, “Is this an amount we’re comfortable spending?”

If the answer is yes, stick to that amount. If not, the good news is that Vegas offers plenty of top-notch experiences that won’t decimate your bank account.

The trick is not to spend all your money on a big-name DJ. We’ll talk more about that later.

2. Do you have enough space?

No one wants to be crammed near hundreds of other guests and not have a place of their own to sit down and relax when partying in Las Vegas.

Imagine standing for three hours straight with nowhere to sit, while navigating a tight crowd of strangers, half of whom are trying to find ways to stay out of the sun.

This can happen when you don’t have enough space.

To avoid this problem, you’ve got to plan and preferably find a good shaded table, cabana, or bungalow.


Even if you do find a place to sit, it’s super helpful to double-check and make sure the spot provides plenty of shade.

This is because the sun is going to move throughout the day and hit you from different angles.

Believe me, not all umbrellas provide full coverage, and venues don’t let you move their umbrellas without asking.

People sunburn really fast in Vegas dayclubs, so finding excellent shade is a must!

3. Do you have enough alcohol?

To have a great dayclub experience, you and your party need plenty of alcohol.

Checking this box will increase the odds that you end up a happy camper. Not checking it will probably leave you feeling let down over not having the full Vegas experience.

You’d be surprised how much partygoers in Las Vegas pay for other things besides alcohol, a big one being DJs, which we briefly mentioned above.

Let’s talk more about this because there is a connection between the DJ who is performing and what you spend.

The DJ problem

Not many people are talking about this, but it’s a real issue. How much of your money is going to alcohol as opposed to paying for a fancy DJ?

You don’t want to burn through most of your budget to pay to see a DJ, even a famous one. Not that we have anything against DJs. It’s just that most clubgoers want more than just the DJ as part of their experience.

Picking a dayclub only for the DJ is like walking into a car dealership and saying, “Give me your most expensive car.” Not everyone can afford to do that. In fact, most people can’t.

The music and performances are mostly the same

At the end of the day, whether your DJ is the hottest trending name around or a newcomer to the game, they’re going to be pressing a button and playing the same Top 40 songs. Live musical performances are the exception, not the rule.

People who are new to the Las Vegas party scene, when they hear that a top artist is performing at a club, they tend to think that they’re going to see a live musical performance. This rarely happens.

Most of the performances are automated, so save your money for the booze!

4. Does the dayclub have the right kind of music?

Your dayclub needs to offer the right music to make it worth your time.

If you’re an EDM fan, for instance, and the club plays mostly Hip-Hop, this can be seriously disappointing.

Here’s a little secret. Some people say you can find a wide variety of music at dayclubs in Las Vegas. But really, there are only two main kinds of music available right now—EDM and Hip-Hop.

There are some exceptions to this. For example, one day a week at Daylight Beach Club at Night, there is Latin music, so this is where Latin music lovers should go.

Choosing a dayclub that has your preferred music genre will help ensure you have a great experience.

Best dayclubs in Las Vegas

Now that you know “how” to pick the right dayclub, the question is, what are some good ones?

Here are our top picks.

Daylight Beach Club

Located at Mandalay Bay, Daylight Beach Club offers a roomy 4,400 square foot main pool, two private pools, and luxurious cabanas—plus delicious handmade cocktails and made-to-order bites.

Menu items include a refreshing Watermelon Salad, Mozzarella Sticks, and Avocado Toast. Yum!

Daylight’s lively atmosphere keeps you moving all day long with Hip-Hop and Top 40. And if you’re looking for Latin music, don’t miss their weekly Latin night swim event.

Encore Beach Club

Located at the Wynn Las Vegas, Encore Beach Club is one of the city’s most iconic dayclubs, and there is a reason why.

At 60,000 square feet, it offers a ton of space and is a great choice for people who want room to explore.

EBC has a lot of seating and table options, including the cabanas in the north and south mezzanine sections.

It also has three separate pools, a gaming bar, a pool bar, and a grill.

Overall, this is an upscale venue that offers a fun experience to partygoers. It’s certainly one we recommend as a candidate for your dayclub of choice.

Ayu Dayclub

A newcomer to the Vegas scene, Ayu Dayclub at Resorts World Las Vegas has quickly established itself as a must-visit destination.

With its lush, tropical-inspired setting, Ayu offers a unique and exotic atmosphere with plenty to enjoy.

Features we appreciate include:

The crescent-shaped main pool, a smaller secondary pool near the daybeds, and the private pool by the lower bungalows.

The main pool and secondary pool, in particular, provide guests the opportunity to take a dip and soak in the sun.

A huge bonus at Ayu is that the Stage Tables are completely shaded.

Drai’s Beachclub

If you’re familiar with the dayclub scene in Vegas, then you’ve probably heard of Drai’s Beachclub.

Drai’s is famous partly because of its rooftop location at The Cromwell Hotel and its epic views of The Strip.

Drai’s lives up to its name and is a veritable rooftop oasis with a lot to offer, including 8 pools, spacious cabanas, and luxury bungalows.

The best part about Drai’s Beachclub is that it caters to a wide range of partygoers looking for the ultimate daytime party.

The club plays both EDM and Hip-Hop and has plenty of table options to accommodate groups of different sizes and budgets.

Liquid Pool Lounge

Located at the ARIA Resort & Casino, LIQUID Pool Lounge is the perfect dayclub for those seeking an intimate, upscale atmosphere.

LIQUID is 16,000 square feet, making it smaller than many other Vegas pool venues. Although less extensive, it brings the energy and excitement of a larger establishment. You’ll find plenty to do here.

The venue has a stylish 1,200-square-foot pool, comfy daybeds, inviting cabanas, and a top-notch food and drink menu. All of these combine to create a complete experience.

Las Vegas pool parties at night: Why they are amazing

The main reason

Pool parties at night are an excellent choice for many reasons. But the most important is they are constantly competing with nightclubs to draw guests.

As a result, they are always trying to improve their services and pricing.

Most pool parties at night will go out of business if they can’t keep up with what the nightclubs are offering. So, pool venue owners have the incentive to go out of their way and make coming to their pools more attractive.

The second reason

The second biggest reason nighttime pool events are great is that you avoid the sun. This is especially true for people who are traveling to Las Vegas from colder areas.

For out-of-towners, the blazing Vegas heat can be tough. The good news is that nighttime pool parties help you avoid overheating and getting sunburned.

Other reasons

Two other reasons why nighttime pool events are worth trying are the atmosphere and the range of options available.

Regarding the atmosphere, partying at night always feels different than partying in the daytime.

There’s a certain ambiance that is hard to replicate when you combine the energy of a nightclub and the vibe of a high-quality pool party venue.

As for the different options Las Vegas has available, each pool party venue has its own unique charm and appeal.

From the upscale elegance of EBC at Night to the Latin-infused vibes of Daylight at Night, there are different nighttime pool parties to suit different preferences and moods.

Best clubs for a pool party at night

The best nighttime pool party venues, in our opinion, are Daylight at Night and EBC at Night.

Other venues sometimes randomly have pool parties, and you can contact us for the latest information on what’s available if you have another venue you want to visit.

Dayclubs we currently don’t partner with

We currently don’t partner with Wet Republic, Tao Beach, and Marquee Dayclub.

Bottom line to finding the best Las Vegas dayclubs

Here are the main things to remember when choosing a dayclub.

  • Get together with your friends, pick a budget that you set in stone in advance, and stick with it.
  • Find a dayclub that offers plenty of space so that you aren’t crammed and have enough room to enjoy yourself.
  • Choose a place that’ll charge you for the alcohol, NOT for the DJ….Don’t waste money on DJs.
  • Find a dayclub that plays the type of music you want. EDM and Hip-Hop are the two main options that are available. There are some exceptions with Latin music or even a little bit of R&B, but these are not as common in Vegas.
  • Lastly, contact us, and we can deliver an exceptional experience that helps you check off the four boxes mentioned above.

With these four factors in place, plus our expertise, your time in Las Vegas will be everything you’ve wanted and more!

Frequently asked questions about dayclubs in Las Vegas

Can you wear jean shorts to dayclubs in Vegas?

Most dayclubs require upscale beach or pool attire. In general, opt for stylish swimwear or fashionable summer clothing to fit in.

Can you wear sneakers to Vegas dayclubs?

Every venue is different, and rules change. The best strategy is to contact us for details, and we’ll fill you in on the latest information about what’s expected.

Can you wear flip-flops to Vegas dayclubs?

Every venue has different rules, and the rules change from time to time. We stay up-to-date on the latest information so that you know what to wear and what not to bring.

How strict are Vegas dayclubs on dress code?

Pardon our French but pretty damn strict.

This applies to not only the dress code but also the prohibited items list. Dayclubs today have a vested interest in AVOIDING lawsuits, so that means they’re very serious about keeping prohibited items out.

If a dayclub were to let even one person in with, let’s say, a sharp object, and someone tripped and hurt themselves, even if it’s a total accident, that’s on the venue.

The different security staffs at venues in Las Vegas know this and are very diligent about finding and barring prohibited items from entry.

All dayclubs in Vegas have experienced and skilled staff who don’t mess around. They frequently turn people away who try to bring in prohibited items.

If you have questions about what you can bring, contact us for details, and we’ll guide you on what to do.

Do Vegas dayclubs have lockers?

Yes, they do. But you have to pay to use them, either with a flat fee or by getting bottle service. Every venue has a slightly different setup.

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