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Ghostbar Las Vegas

Located on the Palms Casino Resort’s 55th floor, Ghostbar offers a nightlife experience that stands in a league of its own. If you’ve never been to Ghostbar, we strongly suggest it.

Ghostbar The Hidden Vegas Gem

In our opinion, Ghostbar is one of Las Vegas’s best-kept secrets. It’s not as well known as some of the bigger venues. But this means you’re less likely to encounter massive packed crowds, which is a good thing.

With plenty of interior space and various high-end offerings, Ghostbar is a premier destination for those seeking a true Vegas nightlife experience.

The brilliance of Ghostbar is its ability to offer an upscale bar experience while remaining accessible and inviting. Moreover, with both indoor and outdoor rooftop seating, the Ghostbar experience is both diverse and entertaining.

ghostbar skydeck view

Ghostbar Company and Atmosphere

Ghostbar in Las Vegas distinguishes itself through its commitment to outstanding service, with a friendly and professional staff. It ranks among the city’s top-tier lounges, thanks to its exceptional management and high standards.

The philosophy at Ghostbar diverges significantly from many other establishments in the city, which see patrons as just another number.

Ghostbar focuses on providing an amazing nightlife experience. They are not just out to take your money. This is one reason why Ghostbar is a leading nightlife lounge in Las Vegas.

Ghostbar Las Vegas Location

Ghostbar is located off The Strip at Palms Casino Resort. It’s easy to get into and has a straightforward entry process that is free of unnecessary complications.

Address: 55th floor Ivory Tower, 4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Ghostbar Hours of Operation

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 7 PM to 2 AM
Thursday: 7 PM to 2 AM
Friday: 9 PM to 4 AM
Saturday: 9 PM to 4 AM

One of Ghostbar’s advantages is how early it opens. It opens earlier than many other lounges in the city, and it stays open fairly late, so guests have a lengthy window to enjoy themselves.

Live Entertainment at Ghostbar

Wednesday: 10 PM to 2 AM
Thursday: 10 PM to 2 AM
Friday: 10 PM to 4 AM
Saturday: 10 PM to 4 AM

Ghostbar Las Vegas Parking

For those planning a visit to Ghostbar, you’ll find that the venue provides convenient parking options to suit your preferences. The Palms hotel-casino, home to Ghostbar, offers both self-parking and valet services.

If you prefer to park your vehicle yourself, self-parking is available and offers you the flexibility to come and go at your own pace. This is particularly convenient for those who anticipate a late night out and wish to leave at their leisure with their designated driver.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking a more upscale experience or simply want to avoid the hassle of finding a parking space, the hotel-casino’s valet service is an excellent choice.

Professional valet staff is on hand to park your vehicle safely and securely, providing you with peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your night at Ghostbar.

Ghostbar Parking Street View

Ghostbar Size: Capacity and Square Footage

Ghostbar is approximately 8,000 square feet and has a capacity of 500 guests.

The venue does a good job of using its layout to make the space comfortable for patrons.

A Big Plus: At Ghostbar, you’ve got room to breathe. You don’t have to worry about being packed wall-to-wall like sardines here.

How Much Is The Cover Charge at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Ghostbar’s cover charge is ~$30.

It’s important to note that this is just an estimate, and prices are subject to change.

With that said, you get your bang for your buck here. Whether you’re sipping on a creatively crafted cocktail or enjoying a delicious bite to eat, you can be assured that Ghostbar provides an excellent balance of quality and cost.

Accepted Payments at Ghostbar

Payment Information: Cash is accepted, as are all major credit cards.

There is an ATM inside the Palms Casino that you can use to withdraw cash.

How Long Is The Wait at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Wait times vary. The good news is that our team works diligently to make your night out enjoyable, convenient, and free from unnecessary delays.

We strive to minimize wait times, putting our expertise to use to ensure a smooth and speedy entry process.

How Much Do Drinks Cost at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Beers from ~$9

Cocktails from ~$19

All prices are subject to change*

Ghostbar Cocktail Menu

Ghostbar Bottle Menu

What Time Is Happy Hour at Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Every day from 8 PM to 10 PM

Music at Ghostbar

The music at Ghostbar is a blend of EDM, Hip-Hop, and Top 40 hits. While this is common for Las Vegas clubs and lounges, what sets Ghostbar apart is its rather relaxed atmosphere.

The staff doesn’t really use any aggressive visual effects, such as those big smoke machines that blow in your face when the music drops. Nothing wrong with that for those who love the vibe, but Ghostbar’s approach is subtler.

Its more relaxed environment allows you to have actual conversations with your friends and anyone else you might happen to meet. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ll love Ghostbar.

DJs at Ghostbar

Regarding DJs: They do perform at Ghostbar. But, unlike some other venues, where booking high-end DJs majorly inflates the price, Ghostbar ensures your money is spent on your table and drinks.

While we’re on this subject, there is a misconception about DJs in Las Vegas that we’d like to address.

The Truth About Las Vegas DJs

A lot of people believe that Las Vegas DJs give live musical performances (which would warrant higher prices), but that rarely happens.

While some DJs do give live performances, the reality is, most DJs simply press play and use the same pre-set playlist over and over again.

Yet customers end up paying a premium just to see a big name on stage hit a button. Granted, some DJs are amazing entertainers who know how to get a crowd going. But there is a lot of talent in Vegas that can do that without costing you an arm and a leg.

There Is Another Way

Alternatives in Vegas, like Ghostbar, give you great music without breaking your budget because they actively source new and interesting talent.

This is important because, at the end of the day, what most customers want is to enjoy time with their friends, meet amazing new people, and have great drinks. In our experience, who the performing DJ is…is a secondary concern.

Ready To Experience Ghostbar Las Vegas?

Ready to have a great time at Ghostbar? Contact GXP Tours today. We can assist you with your bottle service reservation and answer any of your questions.

We also offer packages catered to every budget, including a party bus tour package. With Ghostbar and GXP Tours, you can enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife at its finest.

Ghostbar Dress Code

Ghostbar maintains an upscale dress code rigorously enforced by the doormen to ensure an inviting and classy atmosphere.

Patrons are kindly requested to refrain from wearing hats, sunglasses, tennis shoes, sportswear, swimwear, or any clothing that doesn’t align with the upscale environment.

Men are encouraged to wear dress shirts, dress pants, and dress shoes. Women, meanwhile, are encouraged to wear something tasteful and upscale.

Your cooperation in adhering to Ghostbar’s dress code is greatly appreciated and contributes to the overall experience.

Ghostbar at Palms Casino Resort Amenities

Full bar
Bottle service
VIP lounge
Outdoor rooftop seating
Amazing view of the city
Coat check
Wheelchair access

Ghostbar VIP

Ghostbar has a total of 27 VIP tables strategically located both indoors and outdoors.

15 of the tables are inside, while 12 are situated outside in the open-air section of the venue.

VIP Areas at Ghostbar

There are some key VIP locations at Ghostbar, each offering a unique experience.

For those who want open air along with their VIP experience, the tables on the Skydeck Patio are a great choice.

To stay near the heart of the action, the Dance Floor tables are worth considering.

The DJ booth tables offer close proximity to the DJ Booth, which is just across from and within easy reach of the bar.

The VIP Lounge, meanwhile, provides an elevated level of comfort and service, perfect for guests who want a touch more luxury and privacy during their night out.

Each of these areas has been crafted with the intention of delivering a unique experience.

Ghostbar Video

Contact GXP Tours

For Ghostbar bottle service, guest list sign-ups, and more, contact GXP Tours today.