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Want to learn about bottle service? We’ve put together an overview of the subject below! Keep reading for details.

Those who are familiar with bottle service and want more information about our party packages should check out our Party Packages page.

What Is Bottle Service?

Bottle service allows patrons to reserve a table and purchase bottles of alcohol at nightclubs, bars, and lounges.

When you get bottle service, your section is assigned its own waitress, busser, and security. Please note that each section includes more than one table, so your security, for instance, won’t be just for your table but for your area.

Your bottles might be presented to you in a decorative manner, with sparklers and other embellishments.

To get a bottle presentation or sparklers, you usually have to order a preset champagne package.  On The Record is the exception; they are usually much more lenient with this.

Benefits of Bottle Service

Don’t want to wait in long lines? Getting bottle service provides you with VIP access and your own private table or booth.

Enjoy the convenience of having your own space and a place to sit and relax. This is a huge bonus, especially in Vegas’ more popular venues where large crowds are common.

Bottle service also means getting a cocktail waitress and busser, as well as security, in your area—plus you get free mixers. Clubs will usually provide free mixers and then have paid mixers that you can add optionally.

Enjoy Excellent Views

Some venues in Las Vegas have amazing VIP sections, such as tables right next to the main dance floor, skyboxes that overlook the main stage, private rooms, and much more.

Lockers For Belongings

Worried about keeping track of your belongings?

A lot of venues in Vegas offer lockers for your personal belongings so that you don’t have to worry about dragging your stuff around or leaving it at your table unattended.

Attract The Right Attention

Having your own table is bound to attract attention and get other patrons wanting to join you. This gives you the opportunity to invite attractive guys and gals to your table and get to know them, make connections, exchange numbers, etc.

Don’t Want To Stay On Your Feet All Night?

To truly understand how convenient bottle service is, think of the alternative. Without a table, you have to stay on your feet all night, and you also have to deal with lines.

A lot of people don’t have a problem with staying on their feet, but when you get into a club through general admission or a guest list, the wait in line can sometimes take more than an hour.

Lots of Standing In Line

Once you’re inside, you still have to purchase drinks at the bar, which means even more waiting in line since the venue’s bartenders can only serve so many people at once.

If there is a packed crowd, you might have a line of 10 people in front of you waiting to get drinks.

You can see the issue and why many people choose bottle service.

The GXP Tours Advantage

GXP Tours secures you quick VIP access to your venue of choice, a table with bottle service, and transportation.

All our packages are designed to give you the most bang for your buck. When you work with us, your money goes toward alcohol and your table rather than exorbitant DJ fees.

We get you into amazing events with some of the best DJs in Las Vegas while also respecting your budget. This is something we specialize in!

GXP Tours works with multiple venues. Pricing varies because venues change their prices frequently.

Schedule a phone call with us today for a quote on the latest events and offerings.

How Much Does Bottle Service Cost?

The cost of bottle service varies depending on:

  • The venue
  • Your party’s size
  • The date
  • Who is performing
  • What alcohol you get
  • How much alcohol you get

When it comes to cost, there is certainly no one-size-fits-all answer.

On The Record Bottle Service Cost

Drilling down specific prices at On The Record (or any venue) is difficult because they change constantly. Prices that work at one event may be completely different during the next.

We were just informed, for instance, that the prices for Usher events (usually several weekends per month) have just gone up at On The Record.

Same goes with the menu prices; clubs can and do change these all the time.

We usually get a new menu a couple of times per year. Many clubs will also raise prices based on the season, performer, or special events/holidays.

The Living Room at On The Record

This is the club’s hip-hop room. It’s located near the club’s outdoor patio.

Vintage Center Table at On The Record

This table is located in the center of the main room. It accommodates 2 guests.

Upper Dance Floor Table at On The Record

The upper dance floor tables are near the Karaoke room and overlook the club. This section is a good place to socialize.

The Karaoke Room at On The Record

Unlike other VIP tables in the club, the Karaoke rooms (there are three rooms total) offer a fully private space.

The Dance Floor Tables

The Dance Floor tables are in a coveted area, thanks to their close proximity to the club’s main bar, where the action takes place.

The Stage Table

The Stage Table offers a clear view of the Main Room. This table is hard to get, so if you want to secure it, schedule a phone call with us today.

Bottles of Alcohol at On The Record

Prices subject to change*

Vodka costs $450 to $475.

Vodka Magnums cost $850 to $950.

Tequila ranges from $450 to $3,595.

Bourbons and Whiskey range from $400 to $450.

Scotch costs $495 to $750.

Gin costs $300 to $425.

Rum costs $395.

Cognac costs $550 to $9,095.

Champagne costs $495 to $22,995.

You can see the full menu for On The Record here.

What Is A Minimum Spend In Bottle Service?

Your minimum spend is the minimum amount you’re required to pay to secure a table at any given venue.

Let’s say you want a high-end table at OMNIA Nightclub. Your minimum spend might be as high as $10,000, which would be the price you commit to paying beforehand.

Your venue will always tell you the minimum spend before you get the table. You can, of course, spend more than this amount but not less.

On The Record Minimum Spend

The price for your table is rolled into your On The Record party package. For more details, you can contact us via our Contact page or visit our Party Packages page.

Nightclub Prices In Las Vegas

Those who are unfamiliar with bottle service in Vegas would be amazed by how pricey some venues can get.

$20,000 for a table isn’t unheard of, although that’s definitely not what you’re going to encounter in every situation.

A Lot of Variation

$1,000 to $2,000 for a party of 6 is likely to be expected, but there is a lot of variation here. How much you spend largely hinges on where you go.

OMNIA Nightclub and XS Nightclub are two of the most expensive venues in Las Vegas.

Drai’s Nightclub, Hakkasan Nightclub, and EBC at Night fall within the mid-range.

TAO Nightclub and On The Record are the most cost-friendly, with On The Record being the more affordable of the two.

How Much Do You Tip for Bottle Service?

Expect to tip 20 percent in Las Vegas.

If you get a $1,000 bottle of alcohol, that would mean $200 in tips. For a party of 10 people, that would work out to $20 per person.

With this in mind, each person in your party will want to put extra money aside to cover the tip amount.

What Is The Most Expensive Bottle Service In Vegas?

The most expensive bottle service in Las Vegas is offered by Hakkasan Nightclub. For $500,000, patrons can enjoy the Armand de Brignac Dynastie Collection.

Honorable mentions include:

A special table at Hyde Bellagio that costs $250,000 and comes with a 30 liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne.

The Big Bang firework display at Drai’s Nightclub, which comes with a 100 Dom Perignon Brut Luminous. The package costs $100,000.

There is also The 737 jet charter package from Drai’s Nightclub, which is even more expensive, but this is more than just a bottle service offering.

Do You Pay A Cover Charge When Getting Bottle Service?

No. Your group’s cover charge is included when you get bottle service, which incidentally, will most likely influence your decision about whether you should get it.

For instance, if you and your friends want to get into a club and the cover charge for the night is $100, your cover charge could end up costing you $500 to $1,000, depending on how big your group is.

Bottle Service vs. Cover Charge

You might find that getting a table for your group costs roughly the same as your cover charge amount or perhaps a little more.

Let’s say you have a group of 6 and are looking at $600 in cover charges. Bear in mind that this is just to get into the club and doesn’t include drinks.

If you’re able to secure a table for $1,000, yes, you would have to pay $400 more than your total cover charge amount, but you’d also get your own table.

Is Bottle Service Worth It?

If you want a VIP experience, then yes, bottle service is worth it.

Having your own place to sit and socialize with friends rather than rub shoulders with strangers makes all the difference for many clubgoers.

Other party life enthusiasts enjoy staying on their feet throughout the night, so it depends on your preference.

Bottle Service For Special Occasions

Our opinion is that bottle service is a great choice for special occasions. If you don’t go to clubs that often and want to make the most of the night with your group, then having your own table is a good idea.

Getting a VIP table for your birthday, corporate event, or a bachelor or bachelorette event makes sense.

Tables Make Your Night More Enjoyable

Honestly, tables make things better. But you’ll probably want to wait until you go with a fairly large group to divide the cost.

For those who are going on a date or thinking of going with a very small group of friends, bottle service will still enhance your experience, but the cost may not outweigh the benefits you receive.